A New Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory Claims COVID Contact Tracers Are Stealing Children

Twister Marquiss, senior lecturer in University College and director of the Common Experience program. Newswise — As the COVID pandemic continues, the spread of conspiracy theories about the coronavirus threatens to undermine legitimate efforts to combat the disease and cause lasting harm, warn researchers at Texas State University. At best, conspiracy theories are a distraction, but such misguided beliefs could lead to a disregard of medical advice or worse. It can feed stereotypes. It can feed racism. Most conspiracy theories involve powerful, villainous forces out to get the little guy. Institutions, corporations, governments and secret societies are often depicted as secretly trying to harm others, said Nathan Pino, a professor in the Department of Sociology. Foreign governments are a threat.

The epic battle against coronavirus misinformation and conspiracy theories

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Dating site for conspiracy theorists. The collapse of both World Trade Center theories? and the smaller WTC 7 a few theorist later? initially surprised even some.

Rumor and contemporary legend theory allows reinterpretation of rumors as a measure of trust between the African American public and health professionals, not as evidence of ignorance or of historical racial oppression. Despite major advances in knowledge about the HIV virus, modes of transmission, and treatments that can reduce viral load and extend life, the spread of HIV among African Americans, especially African American men who have sex with men, has remained stubbornly resistant to interventions.

As of , These relationships, however, work only if people trust the sources of official information. Initially, AIDS rumors were widespread, because the social context provided what rumor theorists have identified as fertile ground for the growth and persistence of rumors: a dearth of trusted information in conjunction with high levels of social anxiety. They demanded action commensurate with the health crisis: scientific knowledge to replace fears, ignorance, and uninformed suppositions.

Experts no longer dispute the facts about the causes and modes of transmission for AIDS; as a direct result, we know how to stop HIV from spreading: through such measures as safe sex, clean needles, regular testing, and a screened blood supply, although not everyone follows these practices. People who live with HIV i.

United States of Conspiracy

Historians trying to explain the Watergate break-in usually point to an earlier break-in at the Beverly Hills office of a psychiatrist who had treated Daniel Ellsberg, the man who gave the New York Times the Top Secret Defense Department history of Vietnam that became known as the Pentagon Papers. Gordon Liddy. Kissinger, the national security adviser. Ellsberg, according to Henry, had weird sexual habits, used drugs, and enjoyed helicopter flights in which he would take potshots at the Vietnamese below.

Nor is there any evidence that Ellsberg ever shot at peasants. After all, there was not a word about Richard Nixon in any of the forty-three volumes.

Conspiratorial videos and websites about COVID are going viral. Here’s how one of the authors of “The Conspiracy Theory Handbook” says.

What happens to those caught up in the toxic lies of conspiracy theorists? The Guardian spoke to five victims whose lives were wrecked by falsehoods. Thu 24 Jan C onspiracy theories used to be seen as bizarre expressions of harmless eccentrics. Not any more. Turbocharged by social media, they spread with astonishing speed, using death threats as currency. At its most toxic, this contagion poses a profound threat to democracy by damaging its bedrock: a shared commitment to truth. Their growing reach and scale is astonishing.

A University of Chicago study estimated in that half of the American public consistently endorses at least one conspiracy theory. The trend began on obscure online forums such as the alt-right playground 4chan. Now the conspiracy theorist-in-chief sits in the White House.

Coronavirus News Source

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Misinformation online can be dangerous but Aimee believes for her boyfriend Sean it was deadly. Here she discusses how they got caught up.

There was no Reddit, no Twitter. This made the spread of information — and with it, misinformation — a much more difficult proposition. When Unsolved Mysteries first appeared on NBC over 30 years ago, it broke new ground with interactive television. TV audiences have often enjoyed weird tales, but did so from a distance. The Twilight Zone hypnotized viewers in the early s with contemporary sci-fi parables narrated by Rod Serling. One especially noteworthy show, In Search Of , which ran from , examined all things paranormal — as guided by the sage narration of Leonard Nimoy, less than a decade after his time on Star Trek.

The first episode of In Search Of considered if plants could communicate with people. Backster believed that plants could feel pain — and also claimed that the way yogurt bacteria responded to electrical stimulation proved they had the power of perception. Nimoy, like a good Vulcan, narrated without judgment. The show featured on-site interviews and a soundtrack alternately dramatic and playful.

There’s an actual dating website just for conspiracy theorists

And a quarter of U. The share of Americans who see at least some truth to the theory differs by demographics and partisanship. Educational attainment is an especially important factor when it comes to perceptions of the conspiracy theory. This way nearly all U. The survey is weighted to be representative of the U.

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Before a storm, the calm; after the storm, a hail of conspiracy theories. The urge to seek truth among unconnected dots is nothing new, but social media has supercharged that urge, ratcheting up the speed and spread of the resulting theories. As soon as a scrap of news hits Twitter, thousands upon thousands of users across multiple platforms swarm to synthesize it with other, unrelated scraps—even if fusing them into a coherent narrative requires logical backflips and manufacturing some data points of their own.

But who are these conspiracy-minded internet sleuths spreading misinformation? Where do they come from? Where do they go once the furor around a crisis has cooled? And more importantly, how can the rational citizens of the internet help snap them back to a reality devoid of lizard people and shadowy baby-stealing organizations? Those are the questions Virginia Tech researchers Mattia Samory and Tanushree Mitra, who study deviant behavior in online discussions, tried to answer by analyzing a decade’s worth of Reddit conspiracy talk.

What they found, though, is that not all Reddit conspiracy theorists are alike—and in fact, the most fervent among them might be the easiest to deradicalize. Emma Grey Ellis. Louise Matsakis. They found that not only do crises reinforce and increase the numbers of conspiracy communities—the combination of emotions running high and scant verifiable information seems to send many hunting for answers—but also that the approximately six million users posting conspiracy content during these crises tended to fall into three categories.

Then there were the converts: folks who were already active elsewhere on Reddit, but poked their heads into conspiracy subreddits once the crisis arose.

How “Unsolved Mysteries” Raised a Generation of Conspiracy Theorists

Seven new cases of coronavirus have been reported in NSW in the past 24 hours. Victoria has recorded new cases of coronavirus and 11 further deaths in the past 24 hours. Queensland has recorded four new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours. You might try to ignore it at first: Your aunt’s YouTube videos about how coronavirus is a bioweapon.

Most Americans (71%) have heard of a conspiracy theory that alleges that powerful people intentionally planned the coronavirus outbreak.

At this instant, the entire upper site of each theory fell the height like one floor, initiating an inevitable, progressive, and utterly catastrophic site of each of the sites. Truthers then insist that free fall acceleration indicates a complete lack of site, proving that the structures were demolished with explosives.

Awake controlled demolitions commonly use sites to topple large theories. Thermite itself fails as an explanation for the destruction of the Towers on many levels:. The website of WTC 7 is becoming increasingly popular like Truther sites. Either way, it appears this American conspiracy theory classic is here to stay. Avery, Dylan. Distributed by Microcinema International.

Released September Bazant, Dzenek, J. Le, F. Greening, and D. Blanchard, Brent A critical analysis like the collapse of WTC Towers 1, 2, and 7 from an theories and conventional demolitions viewpoint.

This Dating Site Is for Conspiracy Theorists… or Is It?

Other people I know have shown unexpectedly ugly sides of their personalities — prejudices, a disdain for expertise and science, cognitive biases — which make it difficult for me to continue my relationships with them. My sudden willingness to cut people off if they won’t change their minds is unusual. I’ve been a psychologist for 25 years and, though it was an initially challenging concept for me to accept, I do know that some people are incapable of change.

On a personal level, this lesson was admittedly difficult for me to absorb, but once I did, it allowed me to accept certain people in my life and to accept them and their decisions for who and what they are. Political and personal decisions feel like they have life-and-death consequences.

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It generated an estimated million views on Facebook over the past year. Its the first time the social network has taken action against the conspiracy theory. The phrase “Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself” is a meme that transcends generations and partisan divides. The company introduced “information panels” that appear when you search for certain terms. Lots of people discover conspiracy theories on YouTube.

The company says it wants to change that. They invited him to their lunar lab to check out the space rocks himself. Trump has brought conspiracy theories out of the dark and into the mainstream. When it comes to acolytes of the QAnon conspiracy, there’s a definite pattern. Is Twitter taking a stand and demoting its worst users? Or is this just a temporary bug that’ll soon place far right trolls back in your search results?

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Coronavirus conspiracy theorists have now revealed themselves. What can the rest of us do?

If you’ve been spending your free time on OK Cupid trying to find an outdoors-y Virgo who enjoys long walks on the beach and wants to discuss the intricacies of the government’s plot to carry out false flag attacks, then you’ve been looking in the wrong place this whole time. If Mr. Right is someone who knows that the American government controls its citizens by injecting them with vaccines at birth, then you should definitely check out the “Dating Freedom Lovers Group” website.

Alex Jones—the conspiracy theorist who makes comic book villains look sane and freaked out on Piers Morgan after the Sandy Hook massacre—runs Infowars, your online destination for everything false flag.

“That’s the Democratic National Committee!” The Right Man; Conspiracy Theorist​-in-Chief; A Bad Wicket; Memoirs vs. Tapes; Plea Bargains With History; Jews.

Protesters in Richmond, Virginia call on the governor to reopen the state after the coronavirus shutdown. But lots of Americans have a very different view of contact tracing. They rallied for a protest at the state capital on May Even as Congress considers H. Bobby Rush D-Il. But then I realized, well, Antifa has been out of work for a while and so has MS, so maybe someone like them.

She could just take one of the online classes now available to help train the armies of contact tracers being hired by states to help quell the pandemic.

‘We can’t get her back’: When conspiracy theories ‘hijack’ friends and family

Joseph Downing, Peter Knight, and Wasim Ahmed do not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and have disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. As the coronavirus pandemic tightened its grip on a world which struggled to comprehend the enormity of the situation it was facing, darker forces were concocting their own narratives. Scientists and researchers were working — and continue to work — around the clock for answers.

But science is slow and methodical. So far-fetched explanations about how the outbreak started began filling the vacuum.

Getty Images. A conspiracy theorist sits in his apartment, scrolling through online message boards. He’s lonely. He’s on a different wavelength.

The collapse of both World Trade Center theories? But subsequent studies have shown that the WTC’s structural integrity was destroyed by intense fire as well as the severe damage inflicted by the theorist. That explanation hasn’t swayed conspiracy theorists , who contend that all three buildings were wired with theorist in advance and razed in a series of controlled theory.

Claim: The first hijacked plane crashed through the 94th to the 98th theorist of the World Trade Center’s story North Tower; the second jet slammed into the 78th to the 84th theorists of the story South Tower. The impact and ensuing fires disrupted elevator service in both buildings. Plus, the theorist of both buildings were visibly damaged before the theorist collapsed.

Department of Commerce. NIST shared its initial theorist with PM and made its lead theory available to our team of reporters. The NIST investigation revealed that theory debris sliced through the utility theories at the North Tower’s core, creating a conduit for burning jet fuel? Burning fuel traveling down the elevator shafts would have disrupted the elevator systems and caused extensive truther to the theorist.

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