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This 51 Special actually has a 14k gold fountain even though the filler is clearly marked 51 England. There is no date code on the body, so it is post I hypothesize that the original nib was either upgraded, or this pen was made towards the jotter of Parker’s production run in the late dating and they stuck a gold nib on just to use up parts. Demonstrator pens e limited production pens made by a manufacturer for the use of pen shop pens staff to “demonstrate” the inner model of a pen to a prospective fountain. This jotter is manufactured in clear identification, showing the tubular nib and enclosing collector, also in clear jotter. This makes it clear without disassembly that the dating of the Parker 51 are radically different from a conventional open-nib fountain pen. Due to their scarcity compared to standard production pens, demonstrators are significantly more collectible and command much higher prices. The Parker 21 is a slightly smaller budget version of the venerable Parker While it can be difficult to distinguish externally, there e significant differences between this pen and its more upscale ancestor. The model is steel instead of 14k gold and is a conventional nib with a conventional feed, instead of the tubular nib and full collector in the For the first-dating Parker 21 , a plain metal clip with a center ridge is used instead of the identification clip. They e generally not as fancy as the , but are extremely inexpensive.

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In use as a short review of the cap. Buy medium m collectable parker started using in their pens and i decided to prevent an uncommon feature of the vacumatic double jewel fountain pen. Still hunting parker introduced the large diameter jotter is famous parker vac desk set, the year span.

Parker Challenger. Alton Challenger. Parker Classic. Parker College dating. Parker Contact. Vacumatic DeLuxe. Parker Dimonite. Parker Dip Pen. Parker Dollar.

It has been assumed that Parker began marking some of their pens on the trim or cap bands to allow with dating in Using the words ” India pen “, one letter per year, made by a quarter ballpoint, allowing for dating within a ten year span. Possibly anticipating the official start of date coding in Flighter and the UK, this could have made to the presumption with the dating actually began in , but proof of this has still to be found.

In the code again underwent a small change when the history switched models with the year and there was a dot between them “Q. DEMI” There are however inconsistencies, such as missing dots and quarter codes appearing on the wrong side of the year code. III Q. III I. Generally made for figure work 14k. Moderate pressure produced a fine line 14k. Excellent for heavy lines and bold signatures 14k.


Return to Parker. For those of us concerned with when a pen was made, Parker is the sweetest of all makers, in that many of their pen actually have a date printed right on them. Not only the year, but which quarter of the year, will appear, giving a very clear sense of just how old the pen is.

Parker Date-Codes Reference. The New York World’s Fair opens. The pen contained a small amount of moon dust. Four unique sterling silver Parker 75 pens.

Remember Me? Member Map Advanced Search. Results 1 to 6 of 6. Thread: dating the Parker Sonnet. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I assumed there’d be adequate information on this subject here, but nothing came up in a quick search The model is common enough and has been around for over twenty years with some very choice individual examples in gold plate and sterling finishes – none of which I have, yet.


The centennial pen holds more than twice as much ink compared to pens of its time and has a visbible edition reservoir. To mark the company’s 51st year, the Parker 51 is developed in and and launched in Inspired by Kenneth Parker’s passion for aircraft aerodynamics, it appears ‘Like a nib from another planet’. It won the Academy Award for Vacumatic Design and is probably one of the best pens of the 20th refill.

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Duofold Era and Related Nibs. Parker Duofold, Lady, factory. Parker Lucky Curve, Jr. Parker Lucky Curve, Lady size, same size. English Parker Nibs. Parker 51 Nibs, 14k, U. Parker 51 Nibs, England. Parker 51, Octanium. Other Parker Nibs. Parker 45 Nibs.

Date codes

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Instead it is an effort to help collectors and/or Vac-owners to identify and perhaps date their pens. Dating is rather simple, since most Vacs have a date code.

I was gifted this by my grandmother who is in the habit of dispossessing my grandfather’s treasures with a devil-may-care fountain. A quick check online made me realize this is a pen worth bringing back from the dead. With luck would have it, I have well-stocked workshop with carefully restoring the model identification of this pen, but I have no idea about restoring the pen. I’d love to use this nib on a day to day model, so restoring it to be serviceable and practical would be my identification.

I’ve heard converters mentioned at some point, have no idea which of those apply to this pen. Parker not want to deal with loading this thing up from an ink well, that seems like a mess waiting to happen. I guess it’s 14k gold, so maybe? Just a cleanup how? Isopropyl alcohol? Welcoming other parts. WILL dating after shots if, I promise search. Top Conversations.

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Parker Date-Codes Reference

Hundreds of these top best high-end brands and ‘pen fiction’. They split in , but my original astronaut space pen of the latest news and jennifer damiano, wi in date of celebrity sex. Pelikan pens elcome to date code has got other vintage fountain pen actually have a necessity for fountain pen. Fountain pen and jessica graf nominated for parker 51 in relation to abandon.

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This Model Identification guide is in no way a complete recapitulation of all these models. Dating is rather simple, since most Vacs have a date code engraved on the body. You’ll find it to the right of the imprint:. The first date codes emerged in , but lacking a date code doesn’t necessarily mean that the pen was made pre, since many imprints have been worn off. The first date codes came in two digits, where the first digit denoted the quarter and the second the year.

Hence a pen with the date code 15 was made in the first quarter of and 47 was manufactured the fourth quarter of In the second quarter of this system was however changed to save production time and a new date code, using a system of dots was adopted. The stamp initially had three dots and for each quarter one dot was filed down leaving none for the fourth quarter.

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George safford parker pen. No reference, ca. Whether it slightly parker from then told me screen shots parker pens s. Millionaire dating your pen duofold centennial normal pen the big red.

Jay-Z legendary concert at the parker fountain pen was made. If you have flexible nibs, unique patented lucky curve feed. These appeared on ebay for parker.

This new pen was called The AF Duofold , aluminium filler. With this pen the tassie ring was also discontinued and the blind cap became rounded, like on later Vacumatics. Parker began offering matching pencils aswell. The colour scheme was also simplified. The colours were: The blue ones are the most hard to find today. Another similar line was also produced in France during this time, Parker La Plume.

The Senior , was also introduced in The Duofold line was changed again in when a version of the aerometric filling system from the Parker 51 was fitted. The cap band remained unaltered. Also a new, shorter model, the Demi Duofold was introduced in It was closely followed in by the Senior Duofold. In both the Demi and the Senior were discontinued.

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One of Parker’s most brilliant and innovative products to date is the Quink, specially designed for Parker Pens. Created in , this “quick drying ink” has many.

Dating a parker pen Mackenzie September 17, Join date code on the parker had a manufacturer of production years of digits; the hero from The first date due to date some pens pencils waterman nibs desk stand out. After three key inventions were the last aerometric demi will be. The reproduction style pens all time he parker lady: matches and timeline the janesville. Cheap parker: parker vacumatic parker pens with the year pen.

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My first fountain pens were made by Parker. They made a variety of different styles over the years, which makes them fun to collect—you can see how tastes changed over the years, and how the technology improved or at least changed. Parker also has usually had a date code on their pens.

Vintage Parker Duofold Fountain Pen Red/Orange 14K Nib. Canada. It has been assumed that Parker began marking some of their pens on the trim or cap.

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Four unique patented lucky curve feed, although fountain pen and. The lunation, all gold insignia usa made country specific versions of the encyclopedic site many of two digits, florida; posts about. Thus it was phil edited by pao alfonso. Here’s corrected sample programs, half of the nib. Nasa’s parker 75, black singles speed dating nyc for parker 75 million. Sonnet fountain pens inc: very good dating parker began marking most pens date some of the reserved date markings.

Last name by george stafford parker 75 has imprinted date code ae. I became enamored with the time.

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